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The entire status quo and all major areas of our western sytem the entire USA and UK, has been caught responding and acting according to Voices in their head, and belief systems that have been built up on this basis for a considerable period of time.To the very top.
The panic button pushing from the controllers of our powerful machinary ,in their frantic atempt to cover this up, has mushroomed the trail of evidence.It has of late,shown considerable evidence of the triggerring of the "political cleansing " buttons that were earlier prepared to exterminate workers after they had finished with them.Plus all untidy individuals.Their exclusive club,masterminded by insane "new age scientist messiahs" had built their new world for they ideal society, on beliefs that were built up from a mixture of Voices ,scientific plunder and half truths, with a healthy smatterring of pseud-science and enough "Ifs" to sink a battleship.With progresion of this masterplan,so was the progression of "virus" contamination of so many of their elite club, that their own killing buttons , it was relized had to move into prune much of their self-chosen stock.This is the sharp edge of current activity, as police move in to "nut off" police, doctors likewise,military,likewise, service sectors likewise. and woe and betide the sacred and sacrament scientists themselves, who quite honestly are riddled with this predicted virus of mind.They are pissing against the wind.It is a right off.basically they have to silence and cover-up massively at every move, and can only result in exterminating the personell of their new initiative with , the initiative which will have to follow that, and so forth.
The whole damn thing is coming down from the Joker at the to, a riddled virus motivated mind, void of any reasoning abillity, carrying out the instructions of ramndom voice messages in his head.

You may say that in such a case as yours that is so key in triggerring this domino downfull, why do not the good barristers and legal system strike at this, proven situation. We have now collected evidence and witnessed the events here. But alas, there is nothing we can do, in my view , because to deliver the legal expose , which would be the logical next move relies on the self same politics.The barristers and Judges themselves are contaminated in such a way also,and,furthermore have been well and truly caught giving their fullweight to this machinary.Even if they ,as many of them would like to, bring it to task , by courtroom action,by same token they have to convict themselves and the very law they stand upon.
They could and should make an attempt, because the evidence is in their hands ,so to do.It seems that they have made their choice to do otherwise.
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