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Tha fact that I am targetted by central police inteligence and government at the highest level is no secret.This has been pretty constant ever sinc corrupt elements moved in on power after 1979.They have ,though crezendo,d to To open outrage now accelerating after the unwelcolm release of my music, but pretty fierce eversince court room politics freed me in totality.(not without qualifying its criteria, either)They have good reason to cover-up the emptiness of their case against me, as their is little substance to it and begs some demanding questions about their activities,in unusually high places.One can understand the panic involved that such as I have a voice and a mouthpiece.They were somewhat taken by surprise that circumstances threw freedom my way through the court rooms, not by their design, I can tell you, in 1996.Since of course, I have had much harrassment and house arrest politics thrown my way, with serious hazards jeopardizing my welfar as I am sure you can imagine.The Watergate scandal does not compare to the Presidents and Gates breakins to my flat, and their hired gangs record of harrassment and assault,to remove me from the map.Such high level interferrance,from big Insurance firms, and using saccrasanct machinary for personnel politics by peolple in such high places, stinks to high heaven.Home office and inteligence workers to the top in this country have demonstarted some childish behaviour that defies the imagination, if the citizen were to know.Why they have lead this trail of circumstancial idictement to my doorstep,for all to see, shows their complete lack of inteligence that one would not have expected, and fundementally floored their corrupt club.They are notof an attainment that can qualify their credibillity, and it now seems as if the system , has officially thrown its last cards.
One samll lie leads to another and with the system of cover-ups using massive machinary for cover-ups of these petty politics, has shown the full weight of corruption and demonstrated the folly of thinking Laws can be broken by people trusted in power,with their self built logical systems,predicting a rational response.By the time these lies have mounted up to the sizable mountain they now not able to confess to what are rather less damning breaches of law,that they could otherwise have done. Now after this 30 year period,the complete pack of dominoes has fallen,from the sugestions following the detection of a small building block of this pack of lies.It is as simple as that.
My case is very key in the traces that lead to evidence, but it is by no means on its own.However their mastery of destroying evidence has been clinically effective over this period, and I represent the tip off the iceberg, if the bodies of the dead are given a voice.

The quetions my politics raise give rise to answers that The public will find grossly disturbing, as almost anyone would.If one , in my case were to ask the question "Why?",I can guarantee, there is no reason why. This insanity has not even opertated on a rational or even a crimal fpundation. What we are talking about here, is "insanity". And we are talking big trouble,, it is riddled all the way to the top.

Unfortunately for me politics, if they can be called such has ruined a very non-political man, and my music life and carreer, to boot.
Unfortunately their are no winners out of this and no-one gets their money back, as I know too well.
So the vengefull perpetraters of justice and law, are not going to get much out of it either.This armageddon size thing is bringing in retributions to all and sundry.

I recognized, as a musician, to make the best of what little remained, for the times would be closing our privilages of life on earth,that small blessings ,one should be thankfull for at this stage.
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