Modern Political Thinking

http://Ubuntuplanet.org puts forward Michael Tallengers ideas for a new community monetary society, to knock out the corrupt world money system, a type of communism.Its worth taking a look at , as it is the right idea towards   a new world politic.

It s quite obvious that a total world revolution has taken place before our eyes , so quickly that it has  blinded the old world and all its generations.All its institutions are defunct, including the political, educational and monetary institutions.

No one knows what to do about it or how to remove the the old school machine, which is causing severe damage with its politics, ( defunct weapons , armies and police.).

Although behind the scenes they have dictated new policy.

It is not official and not written into the statute books.

They introduced the psychiatric state and law as an updated scientific-political solution, for the new world . This is somewhat similar to the religious rule of budhist god kings, as in Tibet, where a profound philosophy of mind replaces the secular system of law. A religion. It may not be immediately obvious, but this is what they tried to do.It  didn't work.This was because they twisted the rules of religious doctrine to make it compulsory, rather than voluntary.This cannot be done.Artificial intelligence is in control of the system.

So, Tallinger is on the right lines with a system that has more chance of working.Again he is saying that this arguement can avoid secular law, and this is not certain.It is also not certain whether in South Africa, (and Africa), artificial inteligence will predominate.Artificial inteligence is somewhat of a religion.

For those who have the "Good" vision of free energy, food, technology and utopia, are basically looking for a free ride and expecting to go heaven free of charge as well.This wont work.The theoretical arguments do not work in practice, politics should know this by now.The new age does not mean the end of secularism.It does not mean religion.Especially compulsory religion. It does not mean the  new science either.Science is a high intelligence  subject.About 10 per cent of the human race have sufficient I.Q.to understand it .Anyone else they might as well call it God. 

(A new religion, which is the same as before.)


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