hampolitics (hampolitics) wrote,

The Economy. Money.

The IT system is communist. E-money is communist monetary system.We get our basic requirement.
We have moved into a good and services money sector , as I USA, meaning we are printing money that doesn't exist to keep the economomy going,as do the Federal Reserve..We are presuemably bankrupt in real terms as is America.In other words the NWO order has knocked the concept of Money.It is replaced world wide by a Military dictatorship due to US superiority in weapons technology.It is not a case that we expect war over this, but war has being going on fro a long time.We have been and are at WW3.
The basics of Money are Food, and Land and Property.Also Population.
The population has been knocked out by the Smart Grid.Food Land and Property therefore belongs to the Smart Grid as well.
Therefore we have no money.
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