hampolitics (hampolitics) wrote,

Rule Number Two

The members of parliament do what they are told by The Higher depts.
This is because they do not have a mind of their own.What the Higher ups are up to is concealed from view.
Much of it is supposed to be transparent, and freedom of information.Information Technology is supposd to rule due to the nessessity of not let the nuclear weapons go off by mad generals and politicians.A computerized electronic failsafe nuclear deterrent.
Artificial intelligence governs most of the minds if not all,or It is supposed to.
The rubbish in parliament with the elected MP,s is an outdated system.So are all of our institution and rulebooks.They are just hanging on to power that has long ago slipped away,It has been a police /psychiatric state for 30 years or more,This has broken down in the10 years irrecoverably, yet they still try to hang on to power by the rules of a Victorian system of institutions.
In a nutshell, it is dead.
Poltergiest getting up and going to work every day at the office.This is the full strength of what we are witnessing.
They have wired the poltergeist up to the machine for life support and are trying to control through AI.and IT.
By force.You are told to sign onto the suicide machine or get bumped off.

Business runs government and they refer to their work force at High level board meetings as "Expendable Containers".So the truth of the matter is, that Government policy, is to use and control expendable containers.(In their Language).
It is well known by Et that we are containers. but it is still a bad trade off to be controlled for profit.
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