hampolitics (hampolitics) wrote,


Today Brown is officially PM. The goverment runs a house of believers in law and order, justice etc and as long as they have this morality and believers, they will exist. It is a good house, but society and governemt is riddled with corruption.It is also up against the facts os life. As well as science. They have in fact no right to exist. Government cannot deliver, it has lost the premises on which it is allowed to govern. It is hanging on to an extinct ideology.Civilization is unlikely to prevail.We have been exterminated in real time.
The numbers Brown can expect to back him are very low, the opposition is massive.Law abiding citizens are in the minority.They cant actually m,aintain power, but they can branch out as an alternative to what is going on. A sect, so to speak.They cannot contain the army and police, and therefore are likely to get brushed to the wall.Believers in this idceolgy are numerous enough to make it a political force, but however, at the end of the day it cannot deliver. Nor can anyone else.
So things are looking difficult and bleak.
In many respect it is a similar position to a bang to rights prisoner getting out of prison.He has lost the main battle of life and many years, but it is still a score worth having.And this is what I believe people should except. Be thankful for the small things nd the freedom, within the law and mathematics of the situation.
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